15 Yik Yaks That Perfectly Sum Up Our Everyday Troubles

on March 24, 2017

Sometimes Yik Yak describes our lives so much better than we ever could.

1. The dreaded text reply:

2. It was worth a try:

3. Sometimes we are so misunderstood:

4. Dogs - the solution to all problems:

5. Sometimes the little things can affect your day so much:

6. Our humour is wasted on some people:

7. The Sun Gods agree with this one:

8. And people say men don't understand women:

9. You have to start somewhere:

10. Wondering how you're going to get through your exams?:

11. Its a betrayal we have all experienced:

12. What parents are for:

13. Sometimes you need to look outside the box:

14. It can easily happen to any of us:

15. How would you describe college?: