15 Yik Yaks That Perfectly Sum Up Our Everyday Troubles

Sometimes Yik Yak describes our lives so much better than we ever could.

1. The dreaded text reply:

2. It was worth a try:

3. Sometimes we are so misunderstood:

4. Dogs - the solution to all problems:

5. Sometimes the little things can affect your day so much:

6. Our humour is wasted on some people:

7. The Sun Gods agree with this one:

8. And people say men don't understand women:

9. You have to start somewhere:

10. Wondering how you're going to get through your exams?:

11. Its a betrayal we have all experienced:

12. What parents are for:

13. Sometimes you need to look outside the box:

14. It can easily happen to any of us:

15. How would you describe college?:

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  • Joseph Flaherty
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