Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At Fonez we are very passionate about the planet and it’s wellbeing. The idea of purchasing a pre-owned mobile, or repairing a damaged one, not only saves you some money, it also saves the planet from more carbon emissions than you can imagine. The manufacturing of 1 mobile phone can produce an average of 55kg of carbon emissions, between mining materials and manufacturing. There have been almost 2 billion new mobile phones purchased per year in the last few years. If we can cut down this number by encouraging the purchase of pre-owned phones it will cut down the need for mining of materials and manufacturing of as many mobiles.
(Source: The Restart Project)

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Kg of C02 Prevented


Kg of C02 Prevented

Together We Can Make A Difference!

By working together, we can all reduce the impact our mobiles have on the planet we live on. By purchasing pre-owned devices or repairing broken ones, you are making a difference. If we can increase a phone’s lifespan by ⅓ we can reduce global carbon emissions by the amount emitted by a small country.


Reduce the demand and need for manufacturing new mobiles. Buy pre-owned or repair that broken device.


By buying Pre-Owned and Repairing, you are reusing pre-loved devices, allowing them to be re-loved.



Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is a material that is used in every smartphone screen. It is this material that allows the touchscreen to work. Mining this resource can cause major health problems for the miners. By recycling screens and going pre-owned we hope to reduce the demand for this resource.



A mobile phone’s chip and motherboard have been found to have a high carbon footprint



The mining of Lithium for smartphones and other electronic devices has had a major environmental impact in certain areas of the world. Recycling helps reduce the demand for new batteries.


Inner Parts

The inner parts of our phones include aluminium, gold and cobalt. Mining for such materials has led to violent conflicts and hazardous working conditions in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo. Buying Pre-Owned reduces the demand for these materials.


By going pre-owned you are recycling devices that may otherwise go to waste extending their life.


When it comes to needing an upgrade, repeat this process and buy pre-loved again!

Not only is it carbon emissions you are saving, but the insides of our phones contain valuable raw materials of which very little is recycled. The mining of all these resources creates huge waste and can have major health issues on the miners working to collect them.