Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sim Free mean?

When a phone is sim free it means that its not tied to any network. This means that you can put any sim card into the phone. Fonez provides an unlocking service in store and all our phones are sim free as standard.

What does Grade A mean?

When a grade is given to a phone it means that it is second hand. Grade A means that it is top quality and as good as the phone would be were it brand new.

Do I get a receipt when I order online?

When you place your order and your money has come through you will get an order confirmation email. This email will give you a summary of your purchase aswell as providing you with an Order Number. This number will act as your receipt and this is what will be used to prove you made a purchase should you have any queries about your purchase at a later date.

How long do I have to wait for my delivery?

Delivery takes 1-2 working days from time of purchase.

Will my phone work abroad?

All our phones are sim free which means that they will work all over the world.

How does the "Send for Repair" service work?

You fill in your details in the Send For Repair section here and we will send you a prepaid envelope for your phone. All you have to do is pop your phone in and drop it in to your nearest post office. Once we receive it, we'll fix it and send it back to you. It is advisable to Get A FREE Quote first.

Can you fix my phone?

We have an expert repair team who can recover your handset from most damages. We offer a No Fix, No Fee service so if we can't repair your phone then we won't charge you anything for it. Get your FREE quote here!

What is 3D Secure?

At Fonez we want to ensure that your online purchases are as secure as possible so we use SagePay 3D Secure payment gateway. 3D Secure is a free and automatic online security service that has been created to help guard your credit/debit card details against unauthorised use online. 3D Secure works by creating a password that acts as a unique online identifier. You then use your 3D Secure password to validate transactions on our online store. This helps protect you from unauthorised use when spending online. You can find out more information on 3D Secure for your bank below:

Ulster Bank
Bank of Ireland
Permanent TSB

3D Secure set up can vary from bank to bank but is similar to the following video: