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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At Fonez we are very passionate about the planet and it’s wellbeing. The idea of purchasing a pre-owned mobile, or repairing a damaged one, not only saves you some money, it also saves the planet from more carbon emissions than you can imagine. The manufacturing of 1 mobile phone can produce an average of 55kg of carbon emissions, between mining materials and manufacturing. There have been almost 2 billion new mobile phones purchased per year in the last few years. If we can cut down this number by encouraging the purchase of pre-owned phones it will cut down the need for mining of materials and manufacturing of as many mobiles. (Source: The Restart Project)

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Together We Can Make A Difference!
By working together, we can all reduce the impact our mobiles have on the planet we live on. By purchasing pre-owned devices or repairing broken ones, you are making a difference. If we can increase a phone’s lifespan by ⅓ we can reduce global carbon emissions by the amount emitted by a small count